Fruits and Vegetables Box 5-6kg Ruby

Dhs. 89.00


The health benefits of fruits and vegetables are too many to list here — and well-known by most. What’s new is that you can enjoy them all, delivered to your doorstep, in adorable boxes such as this one. This cute box carries morning and evening snack ideas, with yummy fruits and crunchy vegetables.
Kickstart your day with a serving of apple, banana, grape, or orange — eaten fresh, mixed, or as a delicious frozen fruit sorbet. And when nighttime comes, add a little color to your evening with the perfect side dish of cucumber and cherry tomato.
Making sure the freshest fruits & vegetables reach your home with a few clicks — that’s our obsession at Monviso Trading Store.
The approx. 5-6 kg box is suitable for a younger family. It’s a wallet-friendly produce mix to cater to all tastes for a week.
The box includes:

Item Name Weight (approx.) No. of Pieces (approx.)
Apple Red 1 Kg 2-4 Pcs
Banana 1.25 Kg 8-10 Pcs
Cucumber 0.5 Kg 4-6 Pcs
Grapes Seedless (Red Or Green As Per The Availability) 0.5 Kg 2-3 Bunch
Orange 1.5 Kg 10-12 Pc
Strawberry  2 Pk 2 Pack
Tomato Cherry Red 2 Pk 2 Pack


The exact number of pieces can vary slightly depending on the weight of the piece.