Lollo Rosso Lettuce 2.5kg

Dhs. 130.00


Lollo Rosso Lettuce is a leafy vegetable that resembles romaine lettuce, but it’s color is purple red.

Even though Lollo Rosso Lettuce has a high-water content, it still assures several healthy nutrients like vitamins A, B6, C, E and K, magnesium, manganese, folate, iron, potassium, thiamine, and riboflavin.

The health benefits of including Lollo Rosso Lettuce in your health include, maintaining a great overall body hydration as it assures another source of water intake, improving eye sight with it’s vitamin A content, preventing heart ailments as it assures magnesium and potassium, supporting skin health with its several antioxidants, and helping diet loss plans to be more effective with its low calories count.

Lollo Rosso Lettuce can be used in salads or sandwiches.

Product features:
-100% Natural
-low cholesterol
-low fat
-low sodium
-gluten free
-egg free
-dairy free
-Fat free
-No sugar added
-No preservatives, no additives, no added sugar

How to store Lollo Rosso Lettuce:

It’s preferred to prepare it as soon as possible after purchase. If planning to use it later aim to refrigerated in the coldest section.