Fruits and Vegetables Box 10kg Emerald

Dhs. 115.00


 In the mood for a big satisfying salad? Or perhaps a side dish or vegetable stew with just the right condiments? This produce box can make it happen. One click, and we’ll have it at your door before you know it.

Whether you have them fresh, steamed, cooked, or sautéed, greens make it easy to nourish with flavor. They have protein that’s easily bioavailable to the body — not to mention fiber, vitamins, and minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium.
The approx. 10-11 kg box is suitable for a large family or a young couple that loves to entertain. It’s the perfect wallet-friendly mix of vegetables and condiments to please all tastes for a week.

The box includes: 

Item Name Weight (approx.) No. of Pieces (approx.)
Apple Red 0.5 Kg 2-4 Pcs
Banana 0.5 Kg 3-4 Pcs
Blueberry 1 Pk 1 PK
Cabbage White 0.5 Kg 1 Pc
Capsicum Green 0.125 Kg 1 Pc
Capsicum Red 0.125 Kg 1 Pc
Capsicum Yellow 0.125 Kg 1 Pc
Carrot 0.5 Kg 4-5 Pcs
Cucumber 0.5 Kg 4-6 Pcs
Garlic 0.25 Kg 4-5 Pcs
Ginger 0.25 Kg 1 Pc
Kiwi 0.5 Kg 4-6 Pcs
Lemon 0.5 Kg 3-5 Pcs
Onion Red 0.5 Kg 4-6 Pcs
Onion Spring Leaves 0.1 Kg 1 Bunch
Orange 0.5 Kg 3-5 Pcs
Orange Navel 0.5 Kg 3-5 Pcs
Pears 0.5 Kg 4-6 Pcs
Potato 1 Kg 7-8 Pc
Spinach Green Leaves 0.1 Kg 1 Bunch
Strawberry  1 Pk 1 Pack
Tomato 0.5 Kg 4-5 Pcs
Pomegranate 0.5 Kg 3-4 Pcs
Romaine Lettuce 0.5 Kg 2-3 Pcs
Coriander 0.1 Kg 1 Bunch
Mint 0.1 Kg 1 Bunch
Parsley 0.1 Kg 1 Bunch


The exact number of pieces can vary slightly depending on the weight of the piece.