Fruits and Vegetables Box 7-8kg Amber

Dhs. 105.00


A green lifestyle with the right green mix of fresh fruits and vegetables. A box overflowing with goodness delivered as per your selected schedule.
Green foods are powerful in antioxidants and the body will be protected against toxins. The array of fresh vegetables included in the box is a good source of vitamins and nutrients for the body.
Save time and money with each order placed online on the Monviso Trading Store. Browse, select and we will deliver to your home at your convenience.
The approx. 8-9 kg box is suitable for a younger family that loves to cook at home. A wallet friendly mix of vegetables to cater all tastes for a week.
The box includes:
Item Name Weight (approx.) No. of Pieces (approx.)
Apple Green 0.5 Kg 2-4 Pcs
Beans Green  0.25 Kg  
Broccoli 1 Kg 2-3 Pcs
Cabbage White 0.5 Kg 1 Pcs
Capsicum Green 0.25 Kg 1-2 Pc
Cucumber 0.5 Kg 4-5 Pcs
Fennel Imported 0.5 Kg 2-3 Pcs
Lettuce Gem 1 Kg 2 Pcs
Lettuce Iceberg 0.5 Kg 1 Pcs
Lime Green Imported 0.25 Kg 4-6 Pcs
Onion Spring Leaves 0.25 Kg 1 Bunch
Spinach Green Leaves 0.5 Kg 1 Bunch
Romaine Lettuce 0.5 Kg 2-3 Pcs
Coriander 0.1 Kg 1 Bunch
Mint 0.1 Kg 1 Bunch
Parsley 0.1 Kg 1 Bunch
Zucchini Green 0.5 KG 2-3 Pcs


The exact number of pieces can vary slightly depending on the weight of the piece.