Fruits and Vegetables Box 5kg Opal

Dhs. 70.00


Less calories, more fiber, loads of vitamins, and satisfying taste — it’s the promise of ripe nature delivered to your door in this colorful fruit & vegetable box.
This produce box has a good-for-you selection of fruits and veggies that promote anti-aging and fight inflammation — from leafy vegetables such as lettuce to fruits such as  strawberries.

The approx. 3-kg box is suitable for a younger family. A wallet-friendly produce mix to cater to all tastes for a few days.

The box includes:

Item Name Weight (approx.) No. of Pieces (approx.)
Apple Red 0.5 Kg 2-4 Pcs
Banana 0.5 Kg 3-4 Pcs
Blueberry 1 Pk 1 Pack
Carrot 0.5 Kg 4-5 Pc
Cucumber 0.5 Kg 4-6 Pcs
Onion Red 0.5 Kg 4-6 Pcs
Orange 0.5 Kg 3-5 Pcs
Pears 0.5 Kg 4-6 Pcs
Strawberry  1 Pk 1 Pack
Tomato 0.5 Kg 4-5 Pcs
Romaine Lettuce 0.5 Kg 2-3 Pcs


The exact number of pieces can vary slightly depending on the weight of the piece.